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Hello World !!!

Publicado: noviembre 10, 2012 en Uncategorized

This are the first words that I will send to the world through here…make me feel like sending a message in a bottle from one isolate island. Let´s see where it reach…

Im a foodie and an adventurer traveller, who is trying to find his way on this unexpected days. My intention is share with all my followers my travels, posting pictures and recommending places to visit, stay or eat. Im working normally in restaurants, so, I also consider myself as a foodie (that fashionable term that people using now to describe people who love to eat) and is an important fact of my trips. Explore the world capturing beautiful images and unbelievable tastes which I ll post here for all of you.

Maybe one day you ll go to that places where I had been, and you can try it too 😉